About Us
Hands-on Approach

HRC Corporation is a privately held real estate company that manages commercial and retail properties in Manhattan. We take pride in our hands-on approach to all aspects of our business, including leasing, construction, management, and maintenance. This allows us to be extremely attentive to tenants’ needs and assures tenants will receive the utmost treatment and courtesy.

Onsite Management

Our onsite management allows us to operate and maintain properties and deliver services at the highest standards tenants have come to expect. At HRC Corporation we are more than just a manager. We have been an invaluable ally for the growth and success of tenants’ businesses. We have facilitated the growth needs of many tenants, in some cases well before their lease expiration.

Quality Build-outs

We offer quality building installations, managing projects for both established and incoming tenants from start to finish, and even providing layout and design advice when necessary, thereby taking much of the worry out of the process, and bringing these projects to completion quickly while never sacrificing quality.

156 Fifth Ave - New York, NY 10010
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