Completed Projects
Finance Company
" A Modern twist in a Majestic building on the famous... Fifth Avenue. With HRC's meticulous planning and execution of this project, it was successfully completed earlier than expected. Our suite gives the illusion of walking down a clean and bright hallway, while having an x-ray vision to see the team members at their best. Black border, glass office space, and white wall are the perfect combination to create a classic and timeless vibe... just like the Flatiron District itself. "
We wanted to provide an open space, without the clutter or the heaviness. To oblige the request from this finance company, we drew up a blueprint incorporating a "neat" appearance. A lighter shade of wooden floor was carefully selected to complete the bright overall tone of this space, whereas the individual offices were divided by clear glass in order for the suite to combine minimalistic and modern ambience into one. Separation of the offices by glass creates a visual of "unity" yet provides the "privacy" needed. The carpet addition to each office provides coziness and distinguishes the offices from the main central floor. The black on the glass partitions and doors to each office completes the color scheme, in which any basic or vibrant shades of furniture will blend right in.
Wine Showroom
"As a showroom, our needs are more demanding and upscale than most standard office uses, but HRC didn't falter and completed the project with excellent attention to detail. They went above and beyond for this build out, and it shows."
This wine showroom had exquisite taste, and the finishes used here are in many cases exotic and far above what would be standard in most office installations. Folding glass doors, glass partitions with a muntin system, extensive lighting systems, and a sophisticated pantry and wine coolers - these are just some of the features that made this project an exciting one to tackle and the finished product a pleasure to behold.

Fashion Company
" HRC was diligently attentive to our needs and handled all requests we made of them reasonably and satisfactorily. Their attentiveness and accommodating nature facilitated our project with them immensely. The quality of the build-out was just as promised and of a much higher level than others were willing or able to deliver. "
This unit is simple yet elegant in its construction and design. It has a mostly open layout for bullpen, with a few offices. It features some glass partitions and doors, glass double-door entry, private restrooms with porcelain tile on walls, black color hardwood floor, wood base, large windows with plenty of natural light, and high finished sheetrock ceilings. Its simplicity conveys a sense of forthrightness, taste, and workmanlike professionalism that have an effect on all who enter.
Carpet Showroom
"When we came to HRC we had high demands – we needed beauty space and didn’t have a whole lot of time to wait for it. But they met those requirements without missing a beat. The space looks great and is exactly what we needed. I considered the timeframe that they had first projected to be reasonably quick, but we actually ended up being ahead of schedule and they were able to deliver the build-out even sooner than we expected."
Showrooms always require plenty of light in order to display their products, and that requirement is met here with the large windows and abundant light fixtures spread throughout the unit. The space is furnished with high finished sheetrock ceilings, some glass partitions and doors, a glass double-door entry, private restrooms with porcelain tile on walls, wood base, and pivotable spot lights in order to adjust them for any particular display. Its layout is mostly open, with displays lining the walls and other areas of the space, plus a few offices, a conference room, some seating areas, and a reception. In keeping with their nature as a carpet showroom, each room has a different carpet, done in such a way that it all seamlessly fits together to create a wonderfully designed office.
156 Fifth Ave - New York, NY 10010
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