Completed Projects
Executive Search Company
" HRC offered a level of quality few others could match, and most importantly they lived up to that promise. They handled our project in a fluid and efficient manner that took much of the intimidating work of finding, building and settling into a new office off our hands. I have already referred a friend looking for space to HRC. "
If this unit has one unique feature (though it has many) it is without a doubt its abundance of glass. Every office is fronted with floor-to-ceiling glass partitions and doors, plus a double-door glass entry. It also is unique in that the columns, which are normally encased in sheetrock, were left bare, lending an amount of tasteful rusticity to the space. Its layout is office intensive, with a couple conference rooms and a reception. It includes, finished sheetrock ceilings, private restrooms with porcelain tile on walls, wood base, high ceilings, and large windows which provide much natural light. In addition, it features a tasteful combination of different types of floors, including marble tile, light colored hardwood, and carpet in certain areas to create an elegant office that is designed to leave a lasting impression.
Modeling Agency
"HRC's build-out exceeded our expectations in both quality and timing. They addressed all of my needs with a level of attention I can only describe as superior. Their execution and professionalism have made it very likely that I will be recommending them to others."
This unit had to be fashionable enough to make a lasting impression on models – not an easy task, but we were up for the challenge. It is furnished with materials that speak for themselves: hardwood floors stained dark black, high finished sheetrock ceilings, some glass partitions and doors, a glass double-door entry, recessed lighting in some spots, private restrooms with porcelain tile on walls, wood base, large windows with plenty of natural light, and even curved walls in the reception area – it makes a statement upon first sight. Its layout is mostly office intensive with some open space for bullpen area and a couple conference rooms. It was done by our own crew and we managed the project from start to finish. It took only a couple months for us to turn this unit from a bare-bones vanilla shell into the resplendent office that it is today.
" HRC worked with us to create superb office space seamlessly, speedily, and beautifully. They accounted for and addressed all of our needs and requests and the end result of their efforts is nothing short of fantastic. "
An architect’s office must always live up to a high standard – their office is a reflection of their tastes and capabilities, which their clients and prospective clients have a vested interest in. Therefore, this unit was designed and built with special intent to make a good impression, and it accomplishes this with high finished sheetrock ceilings, some glass partitions and doors including glass double-door entry, hardwood floors stained a rich dark brown, wood base, private restrooms with porcelain tile on walls, recessed lighting in some spots, and to top it all off, large windows which provide excellent natural night and stellar skyline views. It has a mostly open layout with a bullpen area, a few private offices, a conference room, and a reception. Its striking appearance helps them astonish their clients from the moment they walk through the door, and lasts long after they’ve gone.
Textile Showroom
"The space is stylish, exactly what I wanted, and works perfectly for what we need. Couldn't ask for more."
This is a textile showroom, displaying mostly bedding. The entrance to the space opens up directly into the showroom so that clients step immediately into the heart of the space. It has a couple open conference tables, an executive office to one side, and a few other offices to the other side.
156 Fifth Ave - New York, NY 10010
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