Completed Projects
Fabrics Showroom
" HRC built us a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superb. It looks great, works great, and it makes both us and our client’s feel great when they walk in. I've already gotten several compliments on the space, and counting.” "
This unit is for a fabrics showroom. The showroom opens up directly off the entrance to immerse clients and customers in the core of the space immediately upon arrival. It's layout is completely open space for display area, with an open conference table one side. The warm colors and open feeling give it a comfortable atmosphere.
Marketing and Branding Company
"HRC was very considerate and accommodating during our dealings with them. We came to them at a time when we were growing and weren’t so sure about what our needs were and how we could meet them. They helped us by giving us advice and suggestions regarding design, layout, and logistics, and then worked to make our dream office come true for us quickly and smoothly. Even after our initial move-in HRC has always been attentive and supportive whenever we’ve requested anything of them."
This unit is unique in so many ways that it’s hard to list them all, let alone capture them all in a single photo. It features some curved walls, recessed lighting in some spots, extra high finished sheetrock ceilings, dark brown hardwood floors, some glass partitions and doors, glass double-door entry, private restrooms with porcelain tile on walls, wood base, and large windows which provide excellent natural night and stellar skyline views. Its layout is mostly open bullpen area with a few private offices and conference rooms plus reception. In the bullpen area the columns were left bare, and numerous purely aesthetic (i.e. non-structural) horizontal wooden beams were placed just below the finished sheetrock ceiling, giving off a tastefully rustic atmosphere.
156 Fifth Ave - New York, NY 10010
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